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We place the highest priority on health and safety in all of the work we do.

In any situation where building work is taking place there will be risks that can be managed in order to ensure the safety of everyone around you.

We strongly advise you to read our Ready-mixed Concrete Safety Data sheet (pdf, 222kb) before commencing any work involving readymix concrete.


Contact with wet concrete

Wet concrete can cause serious alkali burns if in direct contact with skin or eyes. Alkali burns, a form of skin ulceration, may result from contact with freshly mixed concrete.

Wet concrete in contact with eyes can cause irritation, inflammation or serious alkali burns, which may lead to blindness. In the event of eye contact wash immediately with plenty of water and seek urgent medical attention.


Safety clothing

Suitable clothing including impervious gloves, long sleeves, eye protection and boots are essential when working with concrete

Please ensure you read our readymix concrete safety data sheet before proceeding with any work involving ready-mixed concrete. (link to safety data sheet).



Any equipment (including hand tools) associated with your work can present a risk if used incorrectly. Please ensure that everyone involved understands the operating instructions before commencing the job.

Please ensure that when the mixer truck arrives on site that there is an adequate exclusion zone to prevent accidental injury.


Slips, trips and manual handling

Wet concrete makes surfaces slippery and is very heavy. Therefore please ensure all involved are aware of these risks and take extra care when moving around the site and handling concrete. Ensure all involved are wearing the correct safety footwear with suitable grip.


Please ensure you adhere to the correct manual handling procedures when lifting or moving anything heavy such as equipment or wheel barrowing / shoveling concrete.


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